Mianegaran Wetland

Mianegaran Wetland


Mianegaran Wetland

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Mianegaran Wetland is a natural tourist site of Izeh is a city of Khuzestan where mostly the Bakhtiari tribe lives. Izeh and Dehdez are the two last cities of Khuzestan before entering the province of ChaharMahal and Bakhtiari. There are many attractions and natural or historical visiting sites located in this city. You may want to spend at least two days in Izeh.

Mianegaran Wetland is located in the north of the city with very little distance from it. The wetland is only eleven kilometers from Jahad Square, and you will reach there with about fifteen minutes of riding. You need to travel the Izeh – Dehdez Road which goes through Kule Farah. By taking this road, you can first visit this amazing historical site and then continue your journey.

Another way to go to Mianegaran Wetland is the Parchestan Village Road. Both of these ways eventually reach Farm Village and then the wetland. Mianegaran Wetland is about two hundred kilometers from Ahwaz.

Since the water of Mianegaran is not provided by rivers but by rainfalls and snow, the area of this wetland is not fixed for a year. But it is approximately two thousand and five kilometers hectares.

Different kinds of birds live around this lake such as Northern shoveler, Common teal, Flamingo, Common Shelduck, Ruddy shelduck, Cattle egret, Stork, Grey heron, and Cormorant. However, the number of migratory birds raises during the second half of the year, when it gets cold and rare breeds such as Marbled Duck, Lesser white-fronted goose, and white-headed duck can be seen in Mianegaran.

Some of the plants that grow there are bulrush, alhagi, fenugreek, grasses, and other types of local herbs.

Minegaran Wetland is close to some of the historical attractions of Izeh reminiscent of the Elamite Empire. They include Khong Azhdar, Kule Farah, Salman Cave, Kazhdom Castle, and the historical village of Parchestan. Although it can turn into a tourist center, there are no hotels built close to it. You can rent rooms in the village houses.

During recent years, urban wastewater has entered into to Mianegaran Wetland. On the other hand, rainfall has decreased considerably. These two factors have put the life of the wetland and the people and animals that live there in danger.

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