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Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam

Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam


Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam

Broken Clouds

Broken Clouds





In ancient times, Neyshabur was one of the most important cities in Iran and the homeland of many great men of science, art and culture and today it hosts tourists who go to visit the relics of that period. 
Hakim Omar Khayyam is one of the prominent scientists and poets of the fifth century AH. He has held a high scientific position among scientists. However, Khayyam's quatrains have played a prominent role in his fame.
No special building was built as Khayyam's tomb from the time of his death until the early fourteenth century AH. It was that time when a proposal was made to build a tomb worthy of this scientist and poet, and the National Works Association took responsibility for it. Professor Houshang Seyhoun, a prominent Iranian architect, was chosen as the designer of this building. 
Finally, the construction of the tomb was completed in 1341 and it was officially opened in April 1342.
In designing the construction of Khayyam's tomb, three important points have been considered, and that is mathematics, poetry and astronomy. In fact, the architect's attempt was to crystallize these three important aspects of Khayyam's character in his tomb. The building of Khayyam's tomb has ten bases. Given the importance of the number ten as the first two-digit number and the base of the main numbers, this is a kind of symbol of Khayyam's activities in the field of mathematics. At the collision of the building's blades, you can also see star-like shapes that represent Khayyam's astronomical face. Some parts of the building have been designed by quatrains of Khayyam which have been written with a suspension line.
Khayyam's specialized museum is located next to his tomb, which displays observational and astronomical instruments, various types of pottery and manuscripts, and paintings related to Khayyam.
Neyshabur turquoise stone has always been very famous and the ring with turquoise jewel is one of the most expensive and valuable souvenirs of this city. 
Around Khayyam's tomb, there are several shops that, in addition to displaying works of art with turquoise, allow tourists to buy authentic Neyshabur souvenirs.
The tomb of Attar and the tomb of Kamal al-Mulk are also located near the tomb of Khayyam.

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