Kamal-ol-Molk Mausoleum

Kamal-ol-Molk Mausoleum


Kamal-ol-Molk Mausoleum

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The building is the burial place of one of the most famous historical character of contemporary art of Iran, Mohammad Ghaffari known as Kamal al-Molk, the Iranian painter (Kashan 1224- Neyshabur 1319) that is located in the vicinity of Attar tomb, the Iranian famous poet and mystic, in the Attar garden.

Kamal al-Molk mausoleum is designed by Houshang Seyhun with a harmonious combination of traditional and modern architecture in which, geometry, has a basic role and deeply connected to the Iranian architectural system.

The plan of the building has been constituted of two squares. One of them is equal to the half of the other. There is an arc on the facade of each side of the square. Four sides of the rectangular building, is totally composed of six semicircular arches.

The diameters  of  each  square  from  the  inside  constitute  two  other  intersecting  arcs. Thus, totally ten arches have been constructed in this building. The connecting space of the arcs and their coverage on top of the tomb are created geometric shapes like cone-shape decorations in this tomb with exquisite mosaic tiles in cobalt-blue, white and other colors their stencils used on curved surfaces of the facades, and they become smaller toward the symmetry line.

The facade of Kamal al-Molk mausoleum, its decorative tiles and colors are highly coordinated with the Attar mausoleum located beside it. Materials used in the construction of the tomb are concrete, stone and tile. The grave stone of Kamal al-Molk is the integrated granite. At the top of the gravestone a relief of Kamal al-Molk carved by his pupils.

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