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Martyrs Museum

Martyrs Museum


Being dependent on the Foundation of the Preservation of Sacred Defense Works and Values of Semnan, the Holly Defense Museum Garden of Semnan province was constructed as a green space and conceptual park in a land with 12ha area. It is located in the southern margin of the city along the main route and the ring road of Mashhad-Tehran, in front of the Semnan Mosalla, with more than 8300m2 built-up area. This museum is one of the only three cultural institutions which have been constructed by direct order of the supreme leader of the revolution in Iran. The aim of this construction was to display the concept of invasion and defense in Iran history especially during eight years of Holly Defense against Iraq. Another purpose in doing so has been to introduce the historical, cultural, social, political, military and human aspects of this defense to the visitors. It also should be said that different committees were formed in fields of art, culture, religion, publication and broadcasting in order to consider all necessary social, political, economic and cultural aspects of the project of establishing one important cultural-religious center. The first building designed in 1385 S.H. then consisted of 15 main sections that were to be installed in four floors based upon its main contents. Currently, there exist materials like photo, testament, diary, certification, prayer rug, Quran, prayer beads, reading glasses, articles, books, cassette tape of speech and sometimes other personal items of Iran martyrs visitable in the museum. This holly place includes four floors along with several main halls; hall of terror martyrs, hall of international martyrs and hall of top martyrs are three striking sectors of this complex. In the first one, hall of terror martyrs, one can observe the hat of Rais Ali Delvari and handwritten notes of Mirza Kouchak Khan which are among the first items brought to this hall. As its name implies, the international martyrs’ hall has been devoted to those who were martyred abroad. The works of well-known martyrs like Morteza Avini and Hossain Fahmideh are displayed in the hall of famous martyrs. In addition to martyrs’ works, some other artistic items such as calligraphy, paintings and objects gifted by Mahmoud Farshchian to the complex are also displayed in this spiritual place. 

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