Khwaju Kermani tomb

Khwaju Kermani tomb


Khwaju Kermani tomb

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The name of Shiraz is tied up with tombs of poets such as Saadi and Hafez, however, it should not be missed the chance to visit Khwaju Kermani's tomb when we travel to Shiraz.

If you go to the Qur'an Gate, which is located at the beginning of Shiraz road to Isfahan, you can find Khwaju Kermani's tomb. Being built in 1315 SH, this tomb was repaired many times.

This popular touristic attraction is situated on the hillside of Baba Kuhi in the west of Allah Akbar strait. Also, it should be mentioned that the Rokn Abad River flows alongside this tomb. Baba Kuhi is a place to hangout for naturalists and climbers during holidays.

Kamal Al-Din Abul Ata was born in 662 SH in Kerman. He was one of the remarkable Persian poets in the eighth century AH and Mongol era and he has left us a lot of appealing poems. Abul Ata, who also was called Khwaju Kermani, traveled a lot and he went to different places such as Egypt and the Levant. When he returned to Iran, he inhabited in Shiraz. He has a relationship with his contemporary poets like Ubayd Zakani and Hafez Shirazi and he passed away in this city. He was called “Poets Palm Binder” and “definition creator”.

In his tomb, there is a grave that there is no sign of Khwaju Kermani’s name on it, but there is a verse from Surah al-Rahman in Thuluth. Its surface is circular. On the top and down of this grave, there built two columns according to the customs.

There is a cave near this tomb where Khwaju Kermani and other monks prayed there. There is another cave where the tomb of Khajeh Emad Al-Din Mahmud, the minister of Shah Abu-Ishagh Inju, is located there.

Interestingly, there is a relief depicting the battle of Rostam and a lion. Husayn Ali Mirza, the governor of Fars, commanded to build it in 1182 SH. There is another relief that is not completed and it is about Fathali Shah Qajar and his two sons.

In 1337 SH, the organization of the archeology of Fars province built a room in the north of this tomb and wrote two verses of Khwaju in Nastaʿlīq on the propylaeum of this room. This room is changed to Khwaju’s Cultural Center.

In 1370 SH, the tomb of Khwaju was rebuilt and installed his sculpture there. From the top of this mountain, we can watch a beautiful view of Shiraz.

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