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 Khaje Nazar's Caravanserai

Khaje Nazar's Caravanserai


Khaje Nazar's Caravanserai

Few Clouds

Few Clouds





The Khaje Nazar's caravanserai is located in the city of Julfa nearby Aras river and Zia Almolk's bridge. It sounds that, parallel to Shah Abbas the great's programs, this building was made by Khaje Nazar to reconstruct and to maintain 999 caravansaries all around the Iran.

Tavernier writes: "Khaje Nazar was one of the authentic Armenian people who left Julfa. When he accessed a great succeed in trading and had gained a validity by Shah Abbas the great and his successor Shah Safi, he got the position of the head of the Armenian people. In honor of his hometown Julfa he had created two great caravanserais in which they are remained till now and he had spent more than 100,000 Eco to fulfill his desire".

Regardless other Safavid caravanserais in Iran including a square or rectangular plan, the spatial relation of this building has no similarity in Iran and has divided in the category of miscellaneous ones.          

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