Jabalie Dome

Jabalie Dome


Jabalie Dome

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Jabalie Dome is a Seljuk monument which is called Treasure Dome, Gabri Dome (Zoroastrian Dome) and Jabal Sang (mountain stone), located in the eastern part of Kerman city. the appellation of Jabal Sang is because of using stone materials to build. The function of the building must be a tomb belongs to the Sassanid Dynasty and Zoroastrian dominance and it is the main reason to call it Gabri Dome. There are two historic cemeteries near the Dome.  

Some people mention it the tomb of Sayyed Mohammad Tabashiri and somebodies mention it the tomb of a wise man who was called Daniel, Daniel also nicknamed as Pire Morad (the wise master). There are some narratives mention the dome to be a stupa (Buddhist Shrine) belongs to the Mongolian era. By the way, the style of architecture and the materials are the evidences to attribute the building to the Pre-Islam period. Some scholars assert this style must be a kind of inspiration from the Sassanid architecture to revive the Sassanid architectural tradition.

The first mention of Jabalie Dome in history backs to the 15the century in a manuscript Tazkarat-Al-Owlia written by Mehrabiye Kermani. The interior now is a stone museum and many precious inscriptions of Persian monuments and gravestones kept there, each of them tells a bittersweet story.  

Jabalieh Dome is an octagonal building, 18-meter height, the outer sides from interior are about 7 meters and from the exterior are about 4 meters. The thickness of each 8 walls is more than 3 meters. The materials are rubble trench, sand and lime. The structure comprises three floors. It seems there were many stuccos into the empty space of the dome but, there are no traces of them now.

The dome is Takpoush (single shell) with white bricks with a diagonal in 12 meters. The body of the dome has been built by rock in height of 8 meters. There are some skylights in the middle of the Dome. Jalilie dome now is located in the east of Kerman city beside the Ghaem Boulevard, every 7 days of week and 24 hours of day possible to visit.

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