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Imamzade Davood

Imamzade Davood


Imamzade Davood

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It is stated that about 400 AH when the movement of Alave Sadat was formed in the north of Iran, someone from the eleventh generation of Imam Hassan Mojtaba proceed the path of mountains to get himself to this movement. But he was martyred in the middle of his way by Abbasid soldiers and buried nearby where is today known as Imamzade Davood.

A mausoleum was established over the tomb in Safavid period that was later ruined by an earthquake. However, a more glorious building was again constructed by Qajars that is still remained. The path of Imamzade Davood has been famous for its being difficult and impassable from some centuries ago. It is stated that the pilgrims rented mules from the road to reach the heights.

Tehran people in Qajar period considered several days for this pilgrimage. They spent a night in Farahzad and departed for Imamzade the next day’s morning.

People has passed the path of Imamzade from then to the present for pilgrimage or recreation. Today Kan Sulqan road is the best path for reaching Imamzade. Since the path is along a river there are beautiful landscapes on the way. The path is about 25 kilometers through Shahran road that needs 45 minutes driving because of its mountainous and narrow road. Another way is taking a minibus from Azadi square.

In addition, the mountain climbing path of Imamzade Davood is also a favorite of mountain climbers. The path begins from Farahzad river that reaches the destination after a few hours walking on a gentle slope and a bit of heavy climbing. Some climbers, however, choose the seventh station of Tochal peak as their starting point and reaches Imamzade Davood through climbing Shahneshin peak. 

Imamzade Davood waterfall is among the attractions of this region given a visionary landscape to the road especially in the spring when the water springs pass through the trees full of blossoms.

The bazar close to the Imamzade is also famous where you can buy different local edibles like Sohan and candy in addition to clothes and toys as souvenirs. The traditional restaurants are also welcoming people with foods like Dizi, kebab and stew.

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