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House of Sheikh Baha’i

House of Sheikh Baha’i


Sheikh Baha’i was one of the most influential scholars and philosophers in the history of Iran. Some of his architectural works remain from the Safavid era until today and are still used by people. Next to the monuments he built and now form a part of the national heritage of Isfahan, the house where this renowned scientist lived is another part of his legacy. According to the historical narrations, Shah Abbas of Safavid gifted his aunt’s house, Maryam Soltan Beygom, to Sheikh Baha’i. It is a building located in one of the oldest districts of Isfahan, back to Nezamiyeh Dome of Jameh Mosque of Isfahan.

When the Safavid capital was moved from Qazvin to Isfahan, Sheikh Baha’i moved to Isfahan, as well. He began working in the royal court, where his knowledge of urban design was put in use. Based on historical documents, he played a major role in the development of the city. He also played an important role in the segmentation of water from Zayandehrud. The Sun clock of Masjid Shah of Isfahan is another remaining work by him.

Sheikh Baha’i passed away in 1031 AH. Following his will, he was buried next to the Shrine of Imam Reza.

House of Sheikh Baha’i is one of the most beautiful historical buildings of Isfahan. It was registered as a national heritage in 1375 SH. This house is formed by Andarouni (the private chambers) and Biruni (the public chambers), a square-looking yard, and other spaces like kitchen, Panj Dari Room, Mirror Hall, etc. Decorations like muqarnas, stucco and mirror work have adorned parts of the building. This house has also an amazing history. In the early 1370s SH, Abdolazim Jalali Farahani and his wife Ashraf went to Isfahan from Germany and purchased a ruined house, which was House of Sheikh Baha’i. It was in a terrible condition and did not have its previous glory. It was by the three-year-long efforts of this couple that it turned into a majestic mansion where the art of Iranian architecture can be seen.

House of Sheikh Baha’i is located in Shahshahan district, back to Jamah Mosque in Isfahan.

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