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Holy Defense Museum Garden

Holy Defense Museum Garden

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds





The museum of Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense is one of the most important attractions of Tehran which was constructed in 1391 S.H, by Tehran municipality at the same time as Tehran Book Garden, National library, Art Garden and Mosalla as the cultural pole of Tehran city in Abbas Abad lands. This museum is one of the biggest garden museums of Iran with 205000m2 built-up area. Holy defense museum garden includes seven halls and a final section as the memorial of holy defense where the concepts of Islamic revolution and holy defense are transferring through digital technologies. Numbers seven and eight have been frequently used in designing the museum because number eight indicates eight years of holy defense and number seven has been always sacred for Iranian people. Among different halls of this museum garden there is only one hall which has a musical aspect, naming “Butterflies Hall”, used as an introduction to the main commanders of Holy Defense. Other halls, however, are narrative rooms where you can follow all happenings of Holy Defense period at the same atmosphere. 
The first hall, the introduction section, presents the whole events which have been occurred between 1357 S.H. and the beginning of the war. The second hall, naming the hall of “fact and wonder” displays the Iranian people’s perplexity of the shock of imposed war. Defense hall, the third hall in the complex, shows the defensive structure of Iran including the army, Basij and even popular forces who endeavored to protect the land and territorial integrity of Iran. Peace hall is the fourth hall in Holy Defense Museum Garden, indicating that in spite of all difficulties in the days of war and defending the land, this event led to a peace resulted from defending the revolution values. The fifth hall of the complex, naming “Martyrdom Hall”, has been divided into seven phases in which the martyrdom is depicted from the intention to the ascending. The sixth hall is the hall of victory where the bravely victory of the Iranian young has been displayed. The seventh hall, naming the “conclusion hall”, is the last phase of seven halls of the museum where the visitors reaches to the highest point of the museum garden after passing through the previous six phases and they face the memorials, pictures, status and the survivors of the imposed war while appreciating them. One of the most attractive sections of the museum is the panorama hall with 4500m2 built-up area where the possibility of playing videos about the history of Islamic revolution and holy defense has been provided in 360degrees, through several video projections installed underneath.  The Holly Defense Museum Garden has been located between Mosalla and Mirdamad metro stations. There also exists vertical parking for the citizens’ automobiles and they can use the services provided inside the museum in order to visit the 200000m2 space of the museum garden.

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