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Hamoun Lake

Hamoun Lake

Hamoun Lake

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Hamoun lake (Persian: دریاچه هامون, [Daryācheh-ye Hāmūn]), located in Sistan and Baluchestan province (Zabol county) in the adjacent border of Afghanistan, is irrigated mainly by the Helmand River. Other than the Helmand River, other Rivers supply it. The name of Hamoun Lake has been mentioned in Ferdowsi's poems and Avesta (primary collection of the religious text of Zoroastrianism).
The International Hamoun Lake is considered the greatest freshwater lake in Iranian Plateau. When the lake is full of water, the area of ​​the lake is approximately five thousand and seven hundred square meters. As the water level drops, three small lakes emerge from the heart of a lake. These lakes are Hamoun Pouzak, Hamoun Saberi, and Hamoun Hirmand. Due to the change of the water level of the lake, its shores also change. These lands are muddy and swampy, and the only plants are thorns and shrubs.
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The ownership of Hamoun Lake is shared between Iran and Afghanistan. Iran's share of this lake is about three thousand and eight hundred square meters, but throughout the contemporary history of Iran, there have always been political conflicts over the quota of the water of the Helmand River between Iran and Afghanistan. With the onset of drought since 1991, Iran's access to the Helmand River water has become less and less.
Hamoun Lake and its marvelous natural environment are some of the most valuable natural assets of Iran. The lake was registered as a unique natural reserve (biosphere reserve) by UNESCO at the 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves, held in 2015 in Lima, Peru. Biosphere reserves are areas on Earth that need to be protected and maintained for the survival of other parts of the planet.
Zabol has hot and dry climates. Due to this fact, the best time to visit this stunning attraction is during the fall and winter. 

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