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Fazeli Mansion

Fazeli Mansion


Fazeli Mansion

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If you would like to travel back to not many years ago to your childhood years, walk through multi-story buildings, and suddenly find yourself in a very lovely yard with a turquoise water pool in the middle, come with us and visit one of the valuable houses of Mazandaran in the heart of Sari: Fazeli Mansion.

There are some old houses in the old district of Ab Anbar No in Sari that look completely different from the modern houses. One of them is Fazeli Mansion. You should go to Ab Anbar No district from Gharen Street to reach this majestic building. You can also go there from Sa’at Square and Enghelab Street. The distance from Elahiyeh Shopping Center to the mansion is less than five hundred meters. Fazeli Mansion is open to the public, and there is a guide that will explain the features of the building to the tourists.

There are two houses in Fazeli Mansion that have been built in Qajar and Pahlavi dynasty. The three-story building belongs to the Qajar era. The first story was the kitchen and is also known as Sardabeh or the basement. The second story was the Harem, which can be proved by its covered windows. The third story is the alcove. Just like many other old houses, the glasses of Fazeli Mansion were colorful. After the renovation, the glasses were replaced by colorful Plexiglas.

The house that was built during the Pahlavi era is located on the eastern side and has two stories. Steps have been made on two sides of the iwan of the alcove. Another interesting feature of Fazeli Mansion is that there are three yards in it. They are located on the north, west and east side of the mansion. Blind arches made of bricks can be seen in the yards. The arches are surrounded by rectangular frames. Decorative columns have been designed to fill the space between the arches. The rooftop of Fazeli Mansion an attic made of clay tiles.

Today, Fazeli Mansion has no specific function. Its renovation was finished in 1391 SH, and you can easily purchase a ticket to visit it. The historical Kalbadi House is located one hundred and forty meters further than this mansion, and you would enjoy visiting both houses in one trip.

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