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Dimeh Water Spring

Dimeh Water Spring


Dimeh Water Spring

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Dimeh Water Spring is a spring that forms one of the feeding sources of Zayanderud. This water spring is located close to Dimeh Village in the Kuhrang County of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. To reach this site, one should travel from Chelgerd Town for about ten kilometers. It should be said that the distance from Dimeh Water Spring to the center of Chahrmahal and Bakhtiari is one hundred and twenty kilometers.

This valuable spring was registered as a national heritage of Iran on Aban 25, 1388 SH by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran.

The water of Dimeh Spring is rich of minerals and salts. Drinking this water has proved to be useful and to have many benefits such as strengthening of the teeth, as well as healing kidney stones. This water flows to the Kuhrang Factory of Mineral Water, and after being bottled, is sent to cities all over Iran and some other countries of the world.

Dimeh Water Spring is located close to the plain of Lalehaye Vajgoon or Overturned Tulips. During the springtime in addition to using the mineral water, the visitor can enjoy magnificent landscapes. Since the number of visitors of this region has grown some facilities such as restrooms, proper roads, gazebos and resting areas have been provided. Spending some time under the shadows of these trees in the natural environment of Dimeh can be one of the most memorable experiences for travelers. There are also local delicacies to choose from, as well. Some of the dishes cooked there is Kabab Bakhtiari, Kardi Ash or Kardi pottage, and Yoghurt pottage. Mountain herbs and dairy products are some of the souvenirs of Dimeh.

It should be mentioned that Kuhrang and the lands around Dimeh are some of the points where the nomads and their traditional lifestyle can be witnessed. Also, many species of animals inhabit these lands. Some of them include wolves, foxes, jackals, hyenas, and birds such as partridges. As for the vegetation and plants of Dimeh, oaks, Montpellier maple, a kind of maple tree, and other plants of desert lands can be named.

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