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Darakeh River Valley

Darakeh River Valley


Darakeh River Valley

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Darakeh River Valley (Persian: رود دره درکه) is one of the rivers in the northwest of Tehran, which originates from the southern slope of Tochal Peak. It is important to note that this river is not seasonal and is present throughout the year. Darakeh River Valley is one of the seven valuable river valleys in Tehran. The existence of the Darakeh River has created many old recreational places in Tehran. It is like a breath of fresh air for the people of Tehran. Darakeh River Valley has created many waterfalls along its route. 
Moreover, to reach Shirpala Shelter, you can follow the beautiful path of Darakeh River Valley. Enjoy the various restaurants along the way, the shade of the trees, the bridges on the river, the rocky cliffs, the areas with gentle slopes, and the fresh air. After Shirpala Shelter, the route continues with a steep slope. This river valley Continues for climbing to station 5 of Tochal Telekabin and in the northwest route to Ashtargarden rocky area and Sarbaz Ark peak. Darakeh River Valley is one of the most visited climbing routes in Tehran.  The attractiveness of the Darakeh River Valley has increased thanks to the presence of shady trees, gardens, and high cliffs. The beauties of Darakeh Valley are bold in Jowzak Waterfall, Kara Forest, and Chin Kalaq Peak, and these natural masterpieces well illustrate the presence of the river in this valley. There is also a shrine near the River Valley that you can visit. 
There are restaurants, cafes, resorts, and various shops for selling snacks along the Darakeh River from Darakeh Square to the Kara area. Along the River Valley route, there are bridges, avalanche obstacles, fences, and ropes in rocky and steep areas. In addition, there are restrooms on this route. You can visit this eye-catching river all year round to see the beauties. The melting of snow, the roaring river, and the renewal of nature can be found in the spring. In the summer, the sound of birds and cherry trees makes the river valley more attractive. The specific colors of trees in the autumn add more beauty, and the valley and mountains full of snow in winter provide unique beauties for people who like winter. 
To reach Darakeh River Valley, you can go to Yemen Street and then Shahid Shahriari Square (University) from Chamran Highway or Moghaddas Ardabili Street and access this attraction by passing from Darakeh Street. Visitors use the Darakehh Square area for car parking. You can also use public transportation to get there. On the south side of Tajrish Square, there is a place that you can go on the minibus, the last stop is Darakehh Square and Darakeh River Valley. Also, on the northern side of Tajrish Square, there is a taxi terminal for "Tajrish- Darakeh Square" taxis. Another way to reach this area is to use a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). To get to Darakeh by these buses, you have to get off at Parkway Station and reach the Darakeh by taxi next to the Velenjek gas station (In front of the Tehran International Exhibition).

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