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Complex of Bath and Castle in Kurdasht

Complex of Bath and Castle in Kurdasht


Complex of Bath and Castle in Kurdasht

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Strategically, Kurdasht had an important role in the history of Iran and was the witness of Iranian troops bravery against Russian soldiers during Qajar dynasty. Furthermore, Abbas Mirza, the Qajarian crown prince, had chosen this region as the garrison in front of Russian troops in order to stop their invasions. According to the historical contexts, the remaining complex had been being built at that time including 8 main building of which the bath and the castle are the most famous. It sounds that, the early foundation of Kurdasht bath was built during Shah Abbas the great which only used by royal family. After Safavid era, Agha Muhammad Khan had ordered to rebuild the whole structure and make it available for public. The lime curving decorations of this building are unique.

The Kurdasht Castle was the main core of Abbas Mirza's defensive activities against Russia. By considering historical documents, this castle was built by Abbas Mirza but evidences have proofed that before Qajar dynasty this castle was excited and was being used during early Islamic ages.

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