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Chitgar Lake and Park

Chitgar Lake and Park


Chitgar Lake and Park

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If someone likes to cycle around on his bicycle, Chitgar Park is the first place that comes to his mind; this park is one of the best choices near Tehran for passing some times because of its attractive nature and remarkable design for aerobic exercises. Established in 1342 SH, it is a popular park among Residents of the capital and the travelers from the west.

To go there, we should enter Tehran – Karaj freeway and right at its beginning, follow the exit for the park, where the rows of pine trees present themselves. Besides, it is accessible by Metro.

Your picnic starts when you arrive at the green area in the park. It is better that you have a mat or a tent, otherwise, you should find a bench or a pergola. To cook Kabab, it is possible to use fixed cement grills, however, you can go to one of the restaurants in the park if you want to rest all day long: Tashrifat, Morvarid, Barad, and the Nights of Golestan restaurant.

Chitgar Park is well known for its bicycle tracks and many choose this park for cycling as it is useful for both professional and for those who want to have a few hours of fun. It has a mountain track that is best suited for those with high physical strength. There is a special cycling track for women and it is possible to rent bicycles, too. You can profit from skating here, too.

Horse riding is another activity you can experience in Chitgar Park by going to a horse riding club. The club has some permanent members who go there regularly.

One of the reasons that make this forest park popular is that all with any taste can find some activity there; if you do not like to do some cycling, skating, or horse riding, you can enjoy the paintball area. You can take your children to the Woodlands to watch the birds and animals.

Walking and profiting the cool shades of trees should not be missed. In addition to Pine and Cypress, some other species like maple, oak, locusts, and Umbraculifera can be found there. The winding alleys of the park are safe and we can rest there safely without any noises from cars.

To visit the only artificial lake in Tehran, we should go to the north of Chitgar. Tehran is a city with no river, so it is interesting to visit there. There are other amusements like Jump in the Sky, The freefall Slide, Skydiving, Surfing, Sky Flyer, Kayak Riding and 6D Cinema. Children’s playground, roller coaster and the complex of sandy beaches also entertain children.

Finally, there is Bam Land shopping center in the east of this lake. There are many coffee shops or restaurants there and they provide you good plans for eating.

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