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Chahkouh Canyon

Chahkouh Canyon

Chahkouh Canyon

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





The amazing Chahkouh Canyon is home to a landscape of beautiful spires carved away by erosion to the depth of 100 meters. The cross shape valley is one of the most important tourist destination of Qeshm Island in the monolithic stone mountains.

The valley has four canyons from four sides which are wide and gradually lose their width to get closer to each other up to stay only half of a meter apart. Since the walls of the valley are very tall, there is little light in the deeper parts of the valley. The type of Chahkouh rocks is sedimentary rock known as limestone; the rocks are connected to Zagros Mountains.

Chahkouh is a valley full of wonders; erosion, dissolution and creation of parallel ruts on the Chahkouh Valley walls, deep and long ruts and pockmarks in different shapes and ledges on the walls of the valley and rocky streams in the valley floor are only few of them.

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