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Bushehr, Witness of Historical Evolutions in Iran

Bushehr, Witness of Historical Evolutions in Iran

Bushehr, Witness of Historical Evolutions in Iran

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Bushehr Historical area is located in the north of Bushehr triangle-shaped peninsula. It is located in the triangle vertex and has a dent in the Persian Gulf; it is consisted of four neighborhoods namely "Dehdashti", "Shahabadi", "Kuti", and "Behbahani". Bushehr historical areas has gates, towers, bazaar, cistern, bathroom, mosque, governmental citadel, square, and there are 1,000 houses in the city. These elements form the Iranian-Islamic town.

The area burgeoned time back to Qajar when Bushehr was Iran's gateway for different nations. Bushehr historical area dates back to reign of Nader Shah Afshar period. Located in a close distance form Shiraz as the then Iranian capital, it was considered to be an important during the Zand era.

Generally, until 1956, Bushehr port was mainly a historical site and its exclusive urban function was to ease resident’s life in the area. However, the natural site of the city has suffered physically and economically due to massive changes of the modern urban planning.

The mansions and residential structure of Bushehr historical areas are unique to this area. Their style of architecture is basically known as "Beit Milani". Interior and exteriors of the building mainly distinguish historical site of Bushehr from other sites. The main materials used in the building structures are stone, lime, wood and stucco. Mirror work, and sash windows are decorations in Bushehr historical area.

Constitutive elements of house of historical areas;

1-Entrance 2-Central Courtyard 3-Rooms 4-Terrace “Shanashil“ or “Shanashir” which is known “Moshrebie“ in southern coast of Persian Gulf and can be seen on  the exterior and sometimes on the interior of houses. Wood or metal shutter balcony open opposite the doors of upper floors. They help in air circulation of the rooms and give easy access to different spaces of the building. 5-Roof and parapet 6-Pier & Troughs 7- Wooden Sheds & Structures 8-Entrance gates 9-Windward 10-Stairs 11-Fences.

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