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Bampour Castle

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Bampour Castle of Iranshahr is one of the most important castles in the vast lands of Baluchestan. It is located on top of a man-made hill. Being a military base, when it was first constructed, it was strategically situated so that it would be able to defend the attacks of the enemy. It is speculated that the history of Bampour castle goes back to Sassanid dynasty. This is based on similar looking castles such as Qaleh Dokhtar in Kerman Province and Qaleh Bam that belong to the same era as Bampour castle. In 1960, an English archeologist excavated a part of Bampour castle and found there some artifacts that belonged to the prehistoric period.

In addition to historical documents, the history of Bampour castle can be traced in legends and stories, too. According to local tales, Bampour is related to the word Bahman, and Bahmanpour has gradually changed into Bamanpour.

Bampour castle is a structure made from cob bricks and clay. The western and eastern barriers have cylinder towers. It should not be left out that from four guarding towers, only two towers as tall as two meters remain. There is a well inside the castle. The castle is located on the man-made hill, which is as high as eighty meters.

Bampour castle consists of three sections: the section in the end, in the middle and the upper side. The section, in the end, includes main walls, entrance and exit doorways and some towers that are intended for protection. The residential chambers are located in the middle section, and the generals inhabited the upper section.

A deep well can be seen in the upper section. In the past, the well contained a cobblestone path that provided an escape for the forces during the time of siege. Today this path has been filled with sand and soil. But the well itself is still visible.

War cannons were positioned in the biggest tower of Bampour Castle. There are a set of rooms in the south side of the yard. Another section of the castle is its citadel, where a number of windowed rooms can be found arranged in a row.

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