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If you are one of those people addicted to the release of adrenaline while driving, we recommend visiting "Azadi Karting" which is located in Tehran. Pressing the accelerator pedal and feeling of driving at high speed always can be exciting. Azadi karting entertainment and sports complex which is easily accessible can create special moments for you. This complex, which is run by the Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of Iran, is a good place where you can taste the feeling of high speed and a competition in a safe environment.
Karting or Kart racing is a variant of racing which is considered as a first type of motorsport road racing. In this sport, automatic transmission automobiles are derived with only accelerator and brake pedals with an engine capacity of 125 cc. These automobiles can reach speeds of up to 180 km/h, but automobiles that are rented to users on recreational tracks for a certain period of time (rental karting) have a speed limit of 70 km/h.
These days, Karting is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is worthy to mention that once great drivers like Schumacher sat behind the wheel of these small cars that are like lawn mowers. The merit of karting is this fact that you can enjoy high-speed driving on twists and turns tracks with any skill level and even without a driving license. Although there are some rules for driving on the track, they are easy to obey.
The recreation and Sports Complex of Azadi Karting is one of the best karting tracks in the Middle East and the only standard karting track in Tehran. This complex covers an area of 30,000 square meters with an 800-meter-long track daily for motor sports enthusiasts.
In addition, one of the interesting points of Azadi karting track is the attractive design of the track, which multiplies the driving pleasure. The design of the track besides other features is one of the most prominent features of any racetrack that can have a great impact on its quality. It is good to know that the design of this track, which is called "Formula", has been done with the approval of Italian engineers.
This track is where the joy of speed can be combined with competition. If you go to the track with your friends and family, you can compare the records that will be presented to you by the dedicated karting track software after driving with the records of your friends and find out which of you is more professional at driving.
 One of the advantages of karting is that you do not need special equipment for this sport and they will provide you with other necessary equipment. There is a shop inside the complex where you can purchase all the equipment needed for karting, from automobiles to clothes and hats. In addition to all this, if you are interested in following this sport professionally, you can enroll in karting school and become a professional.
The Azadi Karting Complex can keep you busy for hours. Karting track is merely one of the various facilities of this complex. If you are a paintball player, you can have a leisure time at the Paintball Club. Azadi complex also has a well-equipped and beautiful billiard hall. Handball, Video games and, most interestingly, radio-controlled car tracks are other attractions here. There is a modern coffee shop and fast food inside the complex that can be used when needed. The complex is located on the east side of the Azadi stadium, next to parking place 13. If you are taking the subway, go to Azadi Stadium station via the Tehran-Karaj metro line and from there, take a short walk to the Azadi karting complex. If you want to go to Azadi Karting by car, enter Shahid Fahmideh Highway (Tehran-Karaj) along the Sheikh Fazlollah South Highway and after Bakri Highway, enter the East Boulevard of Azadi Stadium.

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