Amir Nezam Garousi House or the Qajar Museum of Tabriz

Amir Nezam Garousi House or the Qajar Museum of Tabriz

Tabriz has witnessed many struggles through time, in particular the years of Persian Constitutional Revolution and later during Pahlavi era. One of the historical buildings of this city is Amir Nezam Garousi House that belongs to Qajar dynasty. Amir Nezam, originally Hasan-Ali Khan, was one of Naser al-Din Shah’s most influential politicians. At the time of his mission in Tabriz, he built a mansion that reflects the Qajar architectural style. The house was so impressive that Nasr al-Din Shah has mentioned and described it in his third travel to Europe.

Hasan-Ali Garousi is one of high-ranking politicians of Qajar era who held some of the most important governmental positions during his lifetime. In addition to being a steward, he was the Iranian ambassador in France during which he brought back with himself coin punch machines. He also played a major role in the Tobacco Protest. However, in his final days he was exiled to Kerman where he passed away. After Amir Nezam, next rulers of Azerbaijan inhabited his mansion.

Due to the high importance and values of Amir Nezam House, the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran of East Azerbaijan proceeded to purchase it in 1991. After its registration as a national heritage and further restorations, it was opened in 2006 as the specialized museum of Qajar era.

The structures of Amir Nezam have been designed in two stories. Its foundation spreads one thousand and fifty square meters. The space includes two yards; One of them functions as the Andaruni (private quarters) and the other, Biruni.  Both of the yards has been ornamented with flower gardens, water pools and tile works. Sixteen pillars are holding the ceiling of the terrace. The windows on the second floor of the mansion have been decorated with lattice and colorful glasses. The north and south façade have stucco and mirror works.

Similar to many Iranian mansions, the basement of Amir Nezam has a large Howz Khaneh that consists one of the major sections of the building. It is a columned space, with masterful brickworks in its ceiling.

Today there are displays installed in the halls of the mansion. In the first floor, the halls of coins, Bafteh (weave), ceramics, Abgineh (glassware), music, Khatam (inlay works) and metal works can be visited and in the second floor, the halls of stones, weaponry, politicians and commandments, architecture and urban development. The Amir Nezam House is located in Chelan street of Tabriz, next to the office of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

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