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Abouei House

Abouei House


Abouei House

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Abouei house was constructed by Mohammad Ali Mahmoudi, one of Yazd architects in the Zahedan historical area for someone whose name was Zaeim Abouei (one of the justice employee) simultaneously with the formation of the city in the early Pahlavi era.

This house was utilized until 1340, then, used by the heirs, and after a while became abandoned. Windwards and spring house are the specific features of this building. Traditional, architectural, local and regional elements have been used in the implementation and construction of this house.

Brick and adobe have been used in this building construction at the same time, but the brick is the most important materials used especially on its facades.

All roofs have domical roof decorating. This building has currently been refurbished with brick and stucco by the Cultural Heritage Organization, then, it is going to be used as a cultural center.

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