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VisitIRAN holds Global Campaign

VisitIRAN holds Global Campaign

VisitIRAN initiated a global campaign where users make VisioIRAN paper-globes and to take part in our contest. Children are encouraged to assemble VisitIRAN paper globes and to take a selfie with their paper globes. They are instructed to post their selfie on Instagram and tag VisitIRAN Instagram account. The first three posts that receives the most likes on Instagram will win a camera each.  

The globe is a type of puzzle that engages children to think about the pieces and connect them together. The folding lines are the main tricks that makes children play with VisitIRAN globe.

VisitIRAN tries to make different gift for visitors of the booth at the 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition to engage children as new generation to get to know the world. With the moto of “Make Your World”, VisitIRAN tries to teach touring and traveling to children from young age.”

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