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Two Khorramans

Two Khorramans

From Khorramshahr to Khorramabad


1st Day

Your way will start from the shores of Persian Gulf. Khorramshar is the same city that is highly linked with the history of war and resistance and you still can see the traces of bullet on its walls.

It is better you to visit the War Museum and Central Mosque of Khorramshar before leaving. It is the same mosque that have been often seen in TV news on liberation of Khorramshahr. The Khorramshahr Bridge is also another witness of the war circumstances during occupation.

Brazil is nearby, too! Where you should wear the Ray-Ban eyeglasses and go to visit the Rangoonis Mosque and walk on the beach. If you are interested in war movies you must have seen “Minoo Island”. If so, now you can visit this island in Abadan in person.

Now it is time for leaving Abadan and Khorramshahr for Ahvaz. The distance between where you are and the capital city of Khuzestan is less than 2 hours; then, prepare yourself for many attractions which are waiting for you in Ahvaz.

One of the most enjoyable experiences in Ahvaz is walking on the beach of Karoun in the evening and some sightseeing the landscape of White Bridge (Pol-e Sefid).  Lashkarabad Bazar or the famous Falafel- a type of food made of fired chickpeas- market in Ahvaz is another place highly recommended to visit. Continue your way toward the north of Khuzestan after spending night and when the sun rose.

پل سفید



2nd Day

The next destination in your second day is Shushtar where you set foot in the ancient area of Iran. The land of hydraulic .systems which have been inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage

سازه های آبی شوشتر

Other attractions of Shushtar city are Daryoun Creek, Kolah Farangi Tower and Mostofi House.

When tourists and history lovers visit Shushtar they also visit Susa, too. Interesting attractions in this city are Apadana Palace, Susa Castle or Acropol, Prophet Danial Tomb, Susa and Haft Tepe, and above all Chogha Zanbil.

.It is better you to arrive at Dezful in night, spend your night there and then you can visit the city


3rd Day

It is suggested you to refer to the old texture of the city and see its architectural characteristics. The hydraulic systems of Dezful along with aqueducts show the importance of water resources from the past. Don’t forget to see the historic site of Jondishapur, as well.

After visit Dezful completely, you can go for Andimeshk. Interesting among Andimeshk attractions are Seyhe Bridge, located in 8km of Andimeshk along the eastern side of the road, Amir Seif Tomb and the protected area of Chehel Pa.


4th Day

After Andimeshk you are gradually leaving Khuzestan province and the next destination is Abdanan. A city in Ilam’s environs with attractions such as Seyed Salahodin Mohammad Shrine, Posht Qaleh, Siah Gav Twin Lakes as well as Anjire village. Now, it is time for leaving this city for Darreh Shahr.

Darreh Shahr is on the foothills of Kabir Kuh and ends up in Lorestan from east. Tange Bahram Chobin, Seimare River, Madakto Historical City, Chahr Taqi Fire Temple Gavmishan Historical Bridge and Tange Mazhin are the most astonishing attractions of this city. Leave Darreh Shahr for the area of Lorestan after a night stay there and when the sun rose.



5th Day

You will see cities as Pol Dokhtar on your way. The fame of this city is for ancient bridges and the communicational importance. One of those bridges which has the same name as the city is related to Sassanid period. Other attractions here include Gavmishan Bridge, KalmaKare Cave and also various lagoons and oak forests.

This five-day journey which has been started from Khorramshahr will finish in Khorramabad; the capital city of Lorestan is the land of waterfalls, the land of Falak-ol-Aflak Castle and the Keeyow Lake. It is highly recommended you to view the landscape of Khorramabad from the top of Bam (roof) of City in night.