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A Turn around the Lake

A Turn around the Lake

The Route around Lake Urmia


Day 1

The travel starts from and finishes in Tabriz, after a turn around Lake Urmia. Therefore, you can postpone your visit to Tabriz to the end of travel. However, if you cannot be waiting for discovering the constitutional period; so, this is you and this is Tabriz!

Tabriz is the biggest city in northwest of Iran and it is the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province. Azerbaijan Museum is one of the equipped museums of Iran highly appropriate for displaying archaeological findings located in the neighborhood of Masjed-e Kabud (Blue Mosque); a mosque which is famous for its livid tiles. Moreover, some promenades like El-Goli is among Tabriz attractions. 



Day 2

This is just the beginning. Leave Tabriz for Sufian. The Cement Factory of Sufian will be observed along the road. After sufian there is a crossroad in your way. Your right side path leads to north, Marand and Jolfa and your left side path, to west and to the Lake Urmia. Go left and you will first arrive at Benis and after that Shabestar. It is better you to stop in Shabestar and visit closely Sohrol Church, Tomb of Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari and Mishodagh No Hunting Area.

Shortly after Shabestar you will arrive at Sharafkhaneh Port. Go for Tal Pier and use the coastal camp. Moreover, you can see attractions like Seyed Mir Agha Tomb and Central Mosque in this city.

Gradually with the end of night, you should think of your night stay. Now you are probably around Salmas! Tomorrow morning you will have a chance for excursion into Salmas and surrounding areas.



Day 3

Salmas has a rock relief namely Khan Takhti related to Sassanid Period. Moreover, Hammam Sheykh and St. George Church (Haftvan) are other attractions of this city. Salmas has many vast farms and grasslands and animal husbandry is a popular job there. So, you can be their breakfast gust to have the fresh hot bread, local cheese and top milk.

Now, it is time for leaving Salmas for Urmia. The city which has given its name to the adjacent lake. There exist many spectacular attractions inside city like Shahrbani Palace, Se-Gonbad (three domes) Tower, Urmia Museum, Noh-Pelleh (nine stairs) Ice House, Barandouz Bridge, Urmia Caravanserai, Old Bazar, and Akhond Historic Bath visit all these places takes at least one day. You can pay a visit to Urmia Dam at night and enjoy the delicious foods sold there.


Day 4

Prepare yourself to leave for Miandoab tomorrow morning. You can stop by Naqadeh in your way and visit Tepe Hasanlu located in 7 km of the city. Hasanlu is one of Iran ancient hills related to more than 6000 years ago.

Continue your way toward Miandoab. The city is located in south of Lake Urmia between Zarineh and Simineh Rivers. Miandoab attractions include Arches Mosque, Dash Tappeh Village, rock holes called Chehel Pelle (forty stairs), Tajjudin Ali Shrine, Hulagu Castle that makes your experience highly unique. In order to get the most out of time, try to leave Miandoab for Bonab before night.

You must have seen the name of Bonab on the facade of kebab restaurants in your city or at least heard about it.  The feature of Bonab’s kebabs is their big size and having pure and high-quality lamb. In addition to eating delicious foods in Bonab Bazar, you can also stop by Kabud Mosque in Bonab.

Maraghe with its famous domes in nearby. Ajab Shir is also here. A city that can be one of your destinations in order to visit Ghale Chay, Zahak Castle and Dizaj-e Hasan Beyg Village. Your travel around Lake Urmia is ending after visiting Ajab Shir and crossing Azar Shahr and Mamaghan.