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A Turn around Colorful Hormuz

A Turn around Colorful Hormuz

Day 1

The coastline of the Seas and Oceans, and the Inland water, which is known as the Island, are considered the most popular tourist destinations all over the world. You may have traveled to many Islands, but this article suggests a trip to a unique Island within the borders of Iran: the colorful Island of Hormuz.

Hormuz Island is one of the Islands of Hormozgan provinces, located in the south of Iran and the northernmost part of the Strait of Hormuz. One of the wondering points is that there is no possibility to transport cars on this Island. This fact has made it safe from congestion and destruction.

To reach Hormuz Island, you should go via Bandar Abbas by airplane, train, or car. Sea buses depart and return to Hormuz Island several times a day from Haqqani Port. Moreover, sea buses run from Qeshm to Hormuz twice daily.

With proper planning, be at the pier early in the morning and get to the Island. Motor tricycles prepared for tourists are the most common and, of course, the cheapest vehicle for touring the Island. Rent one from the pier, because it provides you with both the vehicle and a local guide, kill two birds with one stone! With a 3-4 hours tour, you can see all the sights of the Island. It is better to spend more time asking the local guide to arrange delicious local food for lunch.

Through walking around Hormuz Island, you will see the big carpet of the Island, the rainbow valley, the valley of sculptures, the turtle beach, the salt goddess cave, the red soil mine, and the red soil beach. Besides, on your return from motorcycling and before the time of boarding the sea bus, visit the Portuguese Castle and the Museum of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian.

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