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Travel to the Saffron Kingdom

Travel to the Saffron Kingdom

From Mashahd to Tabas


The travel will start from Mashhad and end in Tabas. On the way you can pay a visit to the vast fields of saffron, in person, in addition to many different historic attractions of the Great Khorasan. 

مزارع زعفران



1st Day

The first day of your journey will start from Mashhad. Besides pilgrimage, dropping by Naderi Garden (Tomb of Nader Shah) and Rocky Mountain (Kooh Sangi) are also interesting in this city. After that you can start your excursion toward Torbat-e Jam. The first city on your way is Fariman where the concrete buildings constructed by Germans in the period of Pahlavi I are the most spectacular. But don’t forget to meet the brick structures such as two pyramid columns in the old gate of Fariman.


2nd Day

Plan to arrive at Torbat-e Jam before the sunset. Many attractions will wait for you tomorrow morning. Mazar (means mausoleum) Complex and the Museum of Sheikh Ahmad-e Jami Mausoleum Complex are the most important monuments here. However, don’t miss the Abbasi Caravansera. Then go on to Khaf.

On your way to Khaf, just before Taybad, you can stop by Karat Minaret (Mill-e Karat). Also, don’t forget to look in on Kariz and Taybad. There also exists the mausoleum of Molana Abu Bakr-e Taybadi, the 8th century mystic.

Spend night in Khaf. It should be said that Khaf is among the main centers of Maqami (means melodic) Music of Khorasan especially Dotar. After resting and visiting Khargerd Ghiasieh School and Nashtifn Asbads (windmills) you can prepare for Birjad tomorrow.


3rd Day

Now it is time for visit closely the red gold of Iran in its own fields. Gaen is where you can find the desirable saffron of Khorasan. Leave Gaenat for Birjand, hang around the city and find a comfortable place to rest.

Birjand is the capital of South Khorasan Province. The city has embraced one of the Universal Attractions of UNESCO, that is Akbarieh Garden, visiting it in the fourth day of your journey is highly recommended. You can leave Birjand for Tabas at the same evening.


باغ اکبریه



4th Day

In the meanwhile, you will get the Sivjan village where there exists a famous Mosque. In addition, the village has a reputation for its husbandry, high quality milk and other dairy products.

Another city you will see between Birjand and Tabas is Khusf, one of the oldest in the region.


آرامگاه این حسام خوسفی

Don’t miss taking photo of Esfahak village, close to Tabas, at the evening. In spite of being completely damaged in Tabas earthquake, its adobe houses are still picturesque among palm trees.


5th Day

Tabas is the final destination. You can experience the feeling of life in desert through staying in one of the eco-tourism houses. You will have a chance for hanging around the whole Tabas tomorrow. There exists a castle related to Esmaeilieh period you can visit besides the wonderful Kal-e Jeni Canyon (means Canyon of jinn).    

کال جنی