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Take the Long Way from Kermanshah to Sanandaj

Take the Long Way from Kermanshah to Sanandaj

Kermanshah and Kurdistan


Day 1

There is a south-to-north route between Kermanshah and Sanandaj that gets you from one city to the other in less than two hours. But getting there fast is not always good enough. Let’s take a longer pathway this time.

After you finish a tour of Kermanshah and visit Taq-e Bostan and Tekyeh Moaven Al-molk and Sarab Niloufar, it is probably time to ask for directions to Paveh. The route that gets you there passes through Ravansar and by Javanrud. After passing Paveh, the road moves along the Iran-Iraq border, and becomes really beautiful around the border area of Nowsud.

Almost 100 kilometers from Kermanshah and further down the road than Ravansar, the tourist signs direct you to a castle underneath the ground! This is an awkward contradiction, for castles are usually built on mountains and high lands that look down on the surrounding area. The name of this castle is Quri Qaleh. This is the name comes from the name of the near-by village.

There are some facilities for tourists around the cave, but if you plan to spend the night, you will have the residential camps and rented village residencies as the only options.


Day 2

After visiting the cave, go further down the road to get to the city of stairs Paveh. The city has witnessed many historical events during the Iran-Iraq war back in the 80s. It is now back on its feet, and makes a great tourist destination.

Further down, having passed through Paveh, you will notice the road becoming more mountainous and picturesque. After passing through Dezlee and reaching the Allaho-akbar cross-road, you enter the Zhalane Defile and the gorgeous village of Uraman Takht. Even a very short visit of this village will require at least one half-day window of your trip.


Day 3

Coming back from Uraman Takht, go on down the road to get to the Marivan Cross-roads. The route will take you to Marivan and the beautiful Zarivar Lake, but if you are short in time, turn toward Sarvabad and Negel. The famous Quran of Negel is one of the most well-known copies of the Holy Book around the world, and it is kept in Negel Mosque right by the route for you to visit. There is also a small Negel museum next-door.

Having visited the Negel Mosque, there will be a mountainous route full of amazing scenery waiting for you. The end-point is Sanandaj. You will be on the northern side of Mount Shahu of Kurdistan and it presents you with haunting views from deep valleys and high-up rocks.

Then you get to Sanandaj itself, which gives you the chance to finish the tour off by visiting the Abidar Park, the Kurd House, and the monument of Khosro-Abad. That is, just to name a few of attractions in the city.      

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