Nazari Garden

Step by Step to Tabib Mausoleum
From Arak to Hamedan

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

If you are interested in a slowly traveling and want to less wend your way and more stay in destinations, this journey is highly recommended. The whole route lasts less than five hours; however, it has been planned for three days. It can be considered as the continuation of Ahvaz-Yasuj and Yasuj-Arak routes.

Arak and its surrounding cities such as Mahallat, Tafresh and Ashtian are among cities with good weather attracting many tourists in all seasons. However, the spring is the best time for this journey.

بازار اراک


1st Day

It is better to set your foot in Doroud way from Arak in first day. Doroud is one of Lorestan cities and Oshtorankuh, which is a part of Zagros Mountains in the east of Lorestan with several high and young picks, begins from this city. Gahar Lake is also one of the main natural attractions of this region

دریاچه گهر


2nd Day

The second day of your way is dedicated to excursion into Malayer.  Here you can visit the Ethnography Museum and try the grape juice of Malayer and also take it as a delicious souvenir. It is also interesting that the city has been built under the rule of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar. You can use the ecotourism houses for night stay. 

3rd Day

Reserve your third and last day to visit Hamedan. Embracing many historical attractions as Avicenna Mausoleum, Tomb of Baba Teher and Stone Lion, Hamedan is welcoming Nowruz travelers from all over Iran and world. In addition to the local attractions there also exist many famous sites around Hamedan; interesting in this respect are Hegmatane Tepe, Lalejin Village and its well-known potteries as well as Ganjname Inscription. It is also highly recommended you to visit the outstanding Alisadr Cave during your travel.


آرامگاه باباطاهر


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