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A Route Full of Caves, Hills and Rock Reliefs!

A Route Full of Caves, Hills and Rock Reliefs!

From Hamedan to Khorramabad


1st Day

The travel will start from visiting Hamedan attractions like Avicenna Mausoleum, Tomb of Baba Teher and Stone Lion which is welcoming Nowruz travelers from all over Iran and world. In addition to the local attractions there also exist many famous sites around Hamedan; interesting in this respect are Tepe Hegmatane, Lalejin Village and its well-known potteries as well as Ganjnameh Inscription. It is also highly recommended you visit the outstanding Alisadr Cave during your travel.

آرامگاه بابا طاهر

پس از دیدن همدان، پای در مسیر کنگاور بگذارید. شهری که با معبد آناهیتایش مشهور است. پس از آن به سمت کرمانشاه حرکت کرده و نخستین شب را در این شهر سپری کنید.


2nd Day

Set your foot in the rout of Kangavar; the city of the famous Anahita Temple. Then move to Kermanshah and stay there one night. You will have enough time tomorrow morning to visit Tagh Boston, Bistun, Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh and Biglarbiygi Tekyeh, Eshaghvand and Dokan Davood Inscription and Taq-e Gara. Try to get yourself to Ilam and fine a suitable place to stay.

تکیه بیگلر بیگی



3rd Day

Continue your excursion into Ilam and surrounding areas on the third say’s morning. Ilam attractions include Ismail Khan Fort, Konatarikeh Cave, Arch of Shirin and Farhad, Malekshahi Rock Relief and the Protected Area of Kabirkuh.

The next destination is Salehabad. The city is the center of Salehabad County in Mehran City. Takht-e Khan Inscription, Takht-e Khatoun Inscription and Zingan Cave are all here waiting for you to visit. Stay night in Salehabad and leave it for the next destination, Darreh Shahr, tomorrow.




4th Day

Visit Hezar Darb and Jahangir Abad Castle and Kouzegaran and Tikhan Hills in this city. Don’t miss Tange Bahram Chobin and Darreh Shahr Fire Temple. There are also exist many spectacular villages around Darreh shahr like Zeyd and Cham Nemesht.  

دره شهر


5th Day

Leave Darreh Shahr for Khorramabad on the last day’s morning.

Khorramabad, the last destination of your travel, is the capital city of Lorestan Province and it is well-known as the land of waterfalls, the land of Falak-ol-Aflak Castle and the Keeyow Lake. It is highly recommended you view the landscape of Khorramabad from the top of Bam (roof) of City in night. 


فلک الافلاک