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Ardabil Province


Ardabil Province

Ardabil province

Ardabil province is in the northwest of Iran neighboring the Republic of Azerbaijan, the provinces of East Azerbaijan, Zanjan, and Gilan. Its administrative center is the city of Ardabil. Due to the microclimate produced by the mountain, Ardabil remains pleasantly cool in the summers. Many tourists travel to this region for its cool climate (max 35 °C) during the hot summer months. The winters are bitterly cold, with temperatures plummeting to 25 °C. There are skiing slopes, with snow even in near-summer. Tourists also travel there to enjoy its hot water springs. These springs are rich in silicate minerals, chloral, and bicarbonate waters. Bathing in the springs is considered to have calming effects, especially on nerve pains and rheumatism.
Large parts of the province are green and forested, and most of its population is involving in farming and pastoralism because of the climate conditions and fertile soil.

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