From the Plain of Khuzestan, Over Zagros Mountains
From Ahvaz to Yasuj

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


1st Day

Your travel starts from Ahvaz city; the city should not be left without walking across its river, Karoun, and visiting its bridges. Meeting closely all attractions of Ahvaz is highly recommended, just after that you can leave this plain city for Zagros Maountains and Yasuj city.

Spend your night in Baghmalek.



2nd Day

The distance between Ahvaz and Baghmalek is less than 150 km. It is waiting for tourists with several attractions such as Tal Castle, Mal Agha Tourist Village, Rebat-e Hazrat-e Soleiman, Arghavani Belvedere, Dalkhuni Fort, Abdollah Holy shrine. It is better to spend your night in this city and leave it for Dehdasht at tomorrow’s sunrise.

Dehdasht is the capital of Kohgiluyeh. The city was constructed in Sassanid period by Ardeshir I and was known then as Belad-e Shapur. Interesting among the historical attractions of the city are the old city of Dehdasht and historical bathroom. 

3rd Day

At the beginning of the third day you can leave Dehdasht for Gachsaran. Being well-known for its oil wells and gas supplies, Gachsaran has also many historical attractions; Interesting in this regard are Bahram Shah cave related to Parthian period and Soleiman Castle from Esmaili period. In addition, the remains of Tal Daho related to the third or fourth millennium BC also witnesses the historical background of the city. In order to visit these places, you have to stay in Gachsaran for night.

4th Day

You can leave for Basht on the fourth day morning. Unlike Gachsaran with several historical attractions, Basht has many wonderful natural phenomena such as Rone River, Shlaldon and Khami waterfall. However, it has also some historical and cultural attractions as Temple of Fire Do Gur Do Pa.

5th Day

Your journey is ending. Staying one night in Basht will prepare you for reaching your destination, Yasuj city, the capital of Kohgiluyeh & Boyer Ahmad Province, next to Dena Maountain.  The city welcomes tourists with the famous Ario Barzan sculpture and its natural attractions like Yasuj Waterfall, Coastal Park of Bashar River, Tang-e Mehrian, Tang-e Kabutari, Kakan Ski Resort, as well as Tamaradi Waterfall which are best known for nature-lovers.



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