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From Ovan to Alamut Citadel

From Ovan to Alamut Citadel

Qazvin, Moalem Kalayeh


It’s time to surf one of the prettiest and oldest regions of Qazvin Province. Is it possible to travel Qazvin and forget Qazvin city, the capital city of Safavid kings. Centuries before Isfahan became the capital city of Safavid dynasty, Qazvin or Caspin was the capital. Visiting the attractions of Qazvin reminds you Isfahan monuments. There are many common names and buildings in both cities. In order to surf Qazvin city well, two days needed. So an index of monuments is really necessary.

Sa’d-Al-Saltaneh complex (bazar & caravanserai), Qajar Public Bath (converted into anthropology museum), Chehelsotun Mansion (also known as Kolah Farangi), Sardar Ab Anbar, Amini’s Hussainia, Darbekushk Gate, Aliqapoo Mansion and Jama Mosque of Qavin which is located in one of the oldest boulevards of Iran.

After a day you would stay a night in one of the old mansions which have been converted into hostels in order to experience a different morning.



Day 2

Alamut Mountains build a natural border between Qazvin & Mazandaran Provinces. The distance from Qazvin to Alamut is about 110 kilometers, but don’t forget the road is crossing Alborz Mountains, despite the numbers which mislead you, it’s better to consider 3 hours to proceed the direction, so enjoy the ride. The direction by crossing Kuraneh, Miyanbor, Razjerd and Khanjarbolaq, reaches Rajayidasht. There are many historical and natural attractions in Alamut, but the most famous are Alamut Citadel, Lambsar Fortress and Ovan Lake. If you are going to visit Lambsar Fortress, you ought to follow the direction of Razmiyan. Razmiyan with a beautiful nature hosts you by some perfect rural hostels. In addition, you ought to know Lambsar is not a vast citadel same as Alamut, it’s a fortress and you can visit it in a short period of time. But if your choice is to visit Ovan Lake and Alamut citadel, you ought to route from Rajayidasht to Dikin & Moalem Kalayeh. To visit Ovan Lake there are some signs before Moallem Kalayeh which leads you to the lake, the road is totally asphalted.

In order to visit Alamut Citadel, return to Moalem Kalayeh direction and route to Gazerkhan which is the last station. Alamut Citadel is located on a rock mountain in front of you.  It’s time to park the car and walk a two-hour direction to get top of the citadel. Because of a long way to back you can even stay in local hostels of Gazerkhan and experience a memorable night. If you travel Alamut in summer, it’s better to have enough empty space in trunk for famous cherries and sour cherries of Alamut.


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