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Naseri Summerhouse Outskirt of Tehran

Naseri Summerhouse Outskirt of Tehran


Although Tehran was built in the foothills of Tochal Mountain but summers are always hot. In order to escape from this annoying hot weather, people take refuge to the countryside and mountainous outskirts summer times. Obviously kings and courtiers always won the best places.

Naser-Al-Din Shah Qajar was one of the Iranian kings who spent most of his life in Tehran, the capital city. One of his most favorite places to settle during summers was Shahrestanak village, so he commanded to build a palace there which is known as Naseri Palace. Unfortunately, most parts of the palace ruined and complete restoration is needed.

For a one-day trip from Tehran to Shahrestanak, you ought to route to Karaj-Chalus road. This road is one of the prettiest mountainous roads of Middle East. On the road you will proceed Amirkabir Dam’s Lake and Pole Khab bridge. There are many rock climbers who are practicing on the walls of the bridge.

This route is full of waterfalls and beautiful villages which are really deserved to spend more than a day in them, but the destination is Shahrestanak and you ought to proceed them.

About 60 kilometers before Karaj there’s a sign with the name of Shahrestanak, here is the three-way junction of Shahrestanak, to arrive here you should proceed Asara. Here you ought to exit the main road and route to a 10 kilometer asphalted road to Shahrestanak. Shahrestanak is exactly located on the border of Alborz and Mazandaran provinces. A new highway is under construction which crosses Shahrestanak.

Follow the road to the end, there is a parking lot in the village, park your car and get ready to have a pleasant walk in Kuchehbaqs (the alleys surrounded by the mud walls and covered by the canopy of orchards, Kuchehbaq is the most significant element in rural Persian architecture.)

Cross the neighborhoods by following the route beside the river. Summer fruits are really seductive but it’s better to not enter the gardens and respect the privacy of gardeners. Be careful they are really alert about their products. After an hour walking in gardens the ruins of Naseri Palace emerge in front of you. There’s a spring flowing next to the palace. Camp under the canopy of palace trees and depart to visit the palace.

If you are interested in nature and mountains, it would be possible to arrive Galegileh by half an hour walking. It’s located above the palace with cold and soft mineral water.

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