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From Lalejin to Alisadr

From Lalejin to Alisadr


From Lalejin to Alisadr

Hamedan is one of the coolest provinces in Iran. A combination of nature and history can be found all over this province. We suggest a one-day trip through the north of the Hamedan city and Alisadr cave, which passes the center of pottery (Lalejin).
After visiting the Ganjnameh Recreational Complex and its stunning waterfall, Baba Taher Mausoleum, Avicenna mausoleum, the Stone Lion, Tomb of Esther and Mordechai, and Alavian Dome, you can start your journey towards Bahar city at a distance of 18 km north of Hamadan. 
Bahar, which is now a small town near Hamedan, once had great importance and prestige. In historical books and ancient texts, whenever this region is mentioned, the name of Bahar is mentioned as one of the most prominent cities in Iran.
In the town of Bahar, go to Lalejin and prepare yourself for an excellent purchase. Lalejin is known as the center of pottery in Iran. The variety of designs and patterns on Lalejin pottery will surprise you. While buying pottery, try to look for Lalejin pottery workshops and purchase from these places; Because a large amount of Chinese pottery has been imported to Lalejin.
Return from Laljin to Bijar main road and drive to Gol-Tappeh. Arriving at Goltepe, the signposts show your route to Alisadr, and after 14 km and passing through Sarab will reach Alisadr.
Alisadr Cave is the most famous natural attraction of Hamedan, one of the natural attractions in Iran. Public visit to this cave has begun since 1975, and since then, suitable access roads and tourist facilities have been provided for visitors. The oldest accommodation in the region is the Alisadr Tourism Hotel, which is still open to the public.
You may hear from locals that you have entered the longest water cave in the world, but this is not true. The longest water cave in the world was discovered in Mexico a few years ago. Alisadr is one of the longest water caves in Iran, and you can ride a boat and walk in different parts of this cave. 
You do not need special tools to visit the cave because the route has been improved and tourists of any age can enter the cave. The air inside does not change much in different seasons and is always cool and humid. For this reason, it is necessary to have a warm dress with you even in the heat of summer, because the temperature difference between inside and outside the cave is high.
You do not require special equipment and tools since the route has been improved, and visitors of any age can enter the cave. The air inside the cave is not changeable in different seasons and is always cool and humid. It is necessary to have a warm dress, even on the scorching days of summer, because the temperature is different between inside and outside the cave.

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