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A Journey from Tehran

A Journey from Tehran

From Tehran to Tafresh

Some Tehran citizens don’t know where to travel when leaving the capital. Traffic of northern paths, on one hand, and getting tedious the usual destinations, on the other hand, leads people to seek a new and different destination. If you are among these group of Tehran citizens, we have a different suggestion for you.


1st Day

The travel will start from Tehran. Cross the rout of Tehran to Taleghan through the Tehran-Ghazvin Highway and spend one night in this green land. See Taleghan Dam and Lake and one or more of 72 villages in Taleghan. Karkaboud Waterfall is also placed inside a village with the same name in Taleghan.



2nd Day

Leave Buin Zahra for Saveh; a city which is famous for its pomegranate gardens. Ghale Dokhtar, The underground city of Ava and central mosque are among attractions you can visit in Saveh. Although you have spent a busy day, it is better to get yourself to Qom and use this city’s residential facilities.


3rd Day

Leave Qom for Kashan on the third day’s morning. You need about one day to visit Kashan. Go for Fin Garden, Tepe Sialk, Agha Bozorg Mosque and School and if you travel in the spring, you have a chance for meet closely Ghamsar and its wonderful Festival of Rose and Rose Water. You can stay night in Barzok Village and leave it for Delijan tomorrow morning.


4th Day

See the Cave of Chal-e Nakhjir and if you are interested in the flowers you can stop by Mahallat and take an excursion into its vast greenhouses. Then move to Khourheh and meet closely its stone columns which have been built in Greek style. Stay your night in Ashtian. Interesting among Ashtian attractions are Mostofi al-Mamalek House, Ashtian Museum, Ahu and Shahrab villages. Finally, you can leave Ashtian for Tafresh.

Tafresh has a reputation for its green gardens. Therefore, you can find wonderful landscapes in this city especially during the spring and autumn.