A Journey to The Most Recreational Island of Iran

A Journey to The Most Recreational Island of Iran



Day 1

Kish is the third largest island in Iran, after Qeshm and Lavan, but it ranks first in terms of the number of tourists who visit it annually. Kish was introduced in 1372 SH as the first free tourist zone of Iran and the tourism infrastructures of the island have been properly developed afterward. So that Kish is considered today as the most recreational island in Iran.

The most famous way to access to this island is airline. There are many daily flights to and from different cities of Iran to Kish which are a good price during non-vacation times. There are also several road ways to reach Kish. Get yourself to Lengeh, Charak or Aftab ports. The closest port to Kish is Aftab located in 18 kilometers of distance. From here you can even take your personal car to the island for that you have to pay the costs of Cabotage. It is approximately 300 kilometers of distance between Aftab port and Bandar Abbas.

The best time for traveling to the island is the second half of the year; just at the same time as other regions of Iran are mostly cold, the spring weather of Kish is pleasant.

Since Kish has a reputation as the coral island, you don’t have to miss the world under the sea. It is a unique experience to dive into the coral waters of Persian Gulf and swim along with fishes and other colorful and wonderful creatures. If you have problems with diving, use the aquarium boats to see the world under the sea without entering the water.

Water games and lots of fun are waiting for you in Kish wharf such as water ski, jet ski, shuttle, banana and parasol. 

If you are interested in shopping, the modern and diverse malls of Kish will entertain you during the long winter nights and you can end your first day this way.



Day 2

Kish is highly suitable for bike riding because it has little highs and lows. There is a cycling road all around the island as the Healthy Road, provided for you to exercise and visit different parts of the island at the same time. There are also electric bicycles, scooter and twin bicycles you can use on this road.

If you are searching for the historical attractions, the historical complex of Kariz underground city, the twin cisterns, the ancient city of the island and the historical house of Abdollah ibn-Shahin or the museum of ethnography are among the main attractions of the island you can plan to visit today.

If you have more time, consider the green tree of Kish that is from the family of sacred fig, artists’ passage in walking rout of the island, the coastal complex of Mirmohanna, Arabs’ bazar and Baghoo villages to visit.

We suggest you to have a memorable night over the cruise ships, with live music performance over the waters of the Persian Gulf.



Day 3

There are diverse funs and hobbies provided in Kish. The water park namely Ocean Water Park that is the first water park in Iran is one of the most attractive water plays outside the sea that you can do this day.

The next exciting plan for today is Kish Dolphinarium that includes birds garden and Dolphin park. Ask the hotel reception for the visit plans of Dolphinarium.

Take a visit to the Greek ship and take wonderful photos at night.


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