包括手工艺品在内的艺术作品是典型的文化代表,特别是对于拥有古代文明的国家。 伊朗拥有各种类型的手工艺品杰作。 伊朗的地理位置优越,是连接东西方的枢纽。该国与中国和印度等其它国家有着悠久的交往历史。该国博物馆展示各种艺术和手工艺品。 此外,除了装饰功能外,现当代工艺品还为人们提供实用性功能,可以在各种传统集市中找到它们。
手工艺品主要依靠传统工艺进行制作,通常是手工制作,使用当地原材料和手工工具制作。手工艺品具有审美和实用功能。 伊朗最著名的传统手工艺品包括绘画、细密画、书法、烫金、雕刻、陶器和地毯。


Shiriki Pich Kilims of Sirjan

One of the oldest handicrafts of Iran are Kilims and historical documents prove that they go back to more than five thousand years ago. Kilims are originally flat weaves...

Kalpurgan Pottery

According to the specialists, pottery of Sistan and Baluchestan traces back to many thousand years ago. Three villages of Kalpurgan, Kuhmitag and Hulanchgan are the most...

Embroidery of Sistan and Baluchestan

Baluchestan embroideries are the most exquisite samples of handicrafts in Iran. These needleworks are locally called “Suchan Duzi”. There are many documents that prove th...
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