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Nazok Kari or Rizeh Kari of Urmia


Woodcrafts refers to objects that are made from wood, and carpentry is one of the most important professions in cities of Iran such as Urmia. Carpenters have played a major role in of crafts related to architecture. One of these crafts which is also a woodcraft, is Nazok Kari. Nazok Kari, or craft of making very delicate objects, both applicable and artistic, from wood, is one of the handicrafts of Urmia. To make a Nazok Kari product, the wood is first coated based on the intended design. By doing so, very small and thin objects are cut out from the wood. Nazok Kari works are typically made by two methods. In one method, small and fine pieces are cut from woods with different colors, and then they are laid and sawed next to each other in a way that they look like one piece of wood. Then they are polished and painted. This method can be compared with wood marquetry. The second method is to use one kind of wood, commonly walnut, to make objects. In this method, objects are created by cutting and polishing pieces of wood into bowls, plates, and boxes for jewelry or make-up.

Some of the woods that are used are bright cream and white pieces of wood from peat trees, which contrast the dark knots of walnut wood. The contrast of bright-dark shades of wood create fascinating effects after they are polished and burnished.  Based on the size, there are two kinds of objects 1. Large pieces with Nazok Kari 2. Small pieces with Nazok Kari. Large pieces refer to big sized objects such as tables, make-up boxes and etc. Small pieces include objects like kinds of pencil holders, cigar boxes, cigarette holders, spoons, plates, jewelries and many more. Other woods that can be used in Nazok Kari are Maple, Buckthorn, Plane, Pine and Alder. There are also materials such as cold or hot gum, lacquer, and tools such as manual or electric grinds, saw, chisel, clamps and grind machine that are used to cut, carve and polish the products.

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