Arg-e Bam

Going Through the Heart of Lut
From Kerman to Zabol

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

If you are in kerman or you arrive at kerman on your way, you can go on to Zabol and experience a unique feeling of going through the heart of desert from the center to the east of Iran.


1st Day

Kerman has itself many attractions, too. From the Ganjali Khan Complex to Zoroastrian Fire Temple, from Fathabad Garden to Jebelieh Dome! It is recommended to dedicate a complete day to visit Kerman and you will tomorrow early morning leave for Shahdad.



2nd Day

The distance is about 100 Km. In the meanwhile, there is the Sirach Village which is considered to be the summer-quarter and a good climate region in the neighborhood of Kavir.  you will soon arrive at Shahdad and your adventure start from here. 

Shahdad Kaluts are the unique geological heritage visiting them especially at night, under the light of stars, brings you an unrepeatable experience. There also exist several eco-tourism houses in Kerman you can use them for residence.

کلوت شهداد


3rd Day

The third day of journey is better you to prepare for going through the Shahdad-Nehbandan road. It is one of the most beautiful Kavir roads crossing the desert like a straight line. It should be said that you will also see the wonderful sandy pyramids there. Therefore, if you are interested in the wonders of geology, you should experience inevitably the road of Shahdad to Nehbandan. Plan to arrive at Nehbandan before the sunset. 

کوههای مریخی نهبندان


4th Day

Start your fourth day of journey from Nehbandan. Try the jujube, date, pistachio, saffron and barberry of this region and you can buy the decorative stones carved by the hands of artists in this city, as an amazing souvenir. There still exist the felting workshops in Nehbandan and visiting them are highly interesting.

5th Day

Nehbandan is located in the neighborhood of the eastern borders of Iran and there is not a long way left up to Zabol; it is just less than 200 Km. the famous Mount Khajeh and Doost Mohammad Lake are the natural attractions you can meet here. It is highly recommended to stop by the Hamun Lake before finding a place to rest in Zabol.

کوه خواجه


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