Chabahar Beach

Fellow Traveler of Rostam in Sistan
From Zahedan to Chabahar

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


1st Day

After excursion in Zahedan City you can depart for the border of Iran, the city of Mirjaveh. The driving signs show the name of Mirjaveh close to the border of Pakistan. Mirjaveh is the only eastern border of Iran from where the tourists can enter Pakistan. The railway station of Mirjaveh is of the historic attractions of this edgy city.  


2nd Day

You can leave Mirjaveh for Khash in the second day morning. On your way, you will be surprised by the Ladiz Cave in which the water always flows. Then, visit the Tamin village along with the historic cemetery of Haftad Molla. Don’t forget to take a memorial photo from the landscape of the glorious Taftan Pick.

Try to arrive at Khash before the sunset and spend your night in one of the eco-tourism houses of this city.


هفتاد ملا


3rd Day

At the beginning of the third day it is better to go on to Saravan. If you are inclined to meet closely the process of making the famous pottery of Kalporegan village, you can turn the east toward the borders of Pakistan. Women in this village make handmade pottery in a special way of thousand years ago.  

In addition to Kalporegan pottery, there are many visitable places in Saravan such as stone-carvings of Dareh Negaran, Sinokan ancient castle, historical castle of Bakhshan, Dezak mosque, Mashkotak Cave of Kalporegan, Nahok and Kuhak Village, and finally castle of Kont. Therefore, with all these historic attractions you should plan for a night residence in Saravan.



4th Day

Dedicate the fourth day of your journey to Sistan before reaching Chabahar, to visit the cities of Rask, Pishin and Sarbaz. Pay a visit to the gardens of tropical and semi-tropical fruits such as banana, mangoes, papaya and other citrus. It is suggested that you stay in one of the cities of Sarbaz for night.  




5th Day

Gradually, after the sunrise of the fifth day, leave Sarbaz for Chabahar, your final destination. The Chabahar attractions are needless to say; from the Martian Mountains and Mud Volcano Fountains to Baluch needlework cloths all are ready to complete your enjoyment in the extreme southeast of Iran.

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