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Fellow Traveler of Aras to Caspian

Fellow Traveler of Aras to Caspian

From Aras Free Zone to Anzali Free Zone


Day 1

Let’s start from Aras Free Zone and Jolfa city. Located in 140 km of the north of Tabriz, Jolfa is welcoming Nowruz travelers every year. Jolfa has many different spectacular historic attractions.  Interesting in this respect are Saint Stepanos Monastery and Chapel of Chupan. Khajeh Nazar Caravancerai has also placed in the neighborhood of Jolfa, shore of Aras, and along the route of Saint Stepanos Monastery. The surrounding attractions are Duzal Shrine, Kordasht Bath, Broken Mill Fall and Ushtabin Village.

The next destination is the city of Kaleybar; a city known with the name of Babak Fort. If you want to reach Kaleybar, you should go along the edgy road along Aras River crossing the heart of Arasbaran Forests and then you can go south toward Kaleybar. Kaleybar, a city in East Azerbaijan Province, which is mostly well known for its delicious and sour blueberries. Stay for night there and leave it for Parsabad tomorrow morning after visiting Babak Fort.


Day 2

You are entering Ardabil Province in your way to Parsabad. You will visit Mugan Plain here, a lush green plain located in the extreme north part of Ardabil Province. Other attractions of Parsabad are Gharluja Stone Tower and Oltan Fortress. One of the main handicrafts of Parsabad is rug weaving. Villagers and nomads in Mugan region produce precious Kilims with local motifs.


Day 3

Leave Parsabad for Ardabil on the third day’s morning. The historic site of the world heritage of Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble is a good beginning for excursion into the city. Don’t forget to try the delicious halva in the streets leading to the Ensemble. Shorabil Lake is placed there inside the city. However, you should go for the surrounding in order to discover more attractions. So, plan to stay one night in Ardabil.  



Day 4

Leave Ardabil for Astara, the cold city for the humid shores of Caspian, on the forth day’s morning. The first city in your way is Astara; the city of clay roofs!  in your route to Heyran Neck you have a chance to get on tele cabin and when you arrive at Astara you have other options as Bazar and Estil Lagoon, too. Laton Waterfall, with more than 100m height, is also waiting for nature-lovers in Londvil Forest.



Day 5

Leave Astara for Anzali along the route of Caspian Sea, after sunrise of the last day. The beautiful Anzali Port which has been transformed into a free zone is best known for its astonishing lagoon. The coastal Boulevard of Anzali is also a beautiful route for walking along the port.


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