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From Farhad Tarash to Ghasre Shirin

From Farhad Tarash to Ghasre Shirin

Bistoon, Kermanshah, Eslam Abad-e-Gharb, Kerend-e-Gharb, Dalahoo, Sarpol-e-Zahab, Ghasr-e-Shirin

Day 1


گور دخمه

بقعه ابودجانه

The tale of Shirin and Farhad which is rhymed by Vahshi-e- Bafqi, is one of the most famous romances of Persian culture. After Vahshi-e-Bafqi, Khosrow and Shirin was written by Nizami Ganjavi. There are other poets who narrated the tale such as Vesal-e-Shirazi and Saber-e-Shirazi. This tale still remains in the memory of Iranians. So get ready to trip to the heart of history, nature, literature and folklore of ancient Persia but with Khosrow, Shirin and Farhad the sculpture.

This trip starts from Bistoon, it is one of the monuments of Iran which is registered as World Heritage Site. It’s located 40 kilometers far from east of Kermanshah. Bistoon is not a mere monument. It is a complex of many antiquities of several historical periods. Behistun Inscription belongs to the reign of Darius the Great, is the most famous section of this complex. The other famous section is Farhad Tarash, a flat carved surface on rock with 200 meters length and 36 meters height.

After visiting Bistoon depart to Kermanshah and visit Taq-e Bostan. It’s time to taste the famous food of Kermanshah; Dandeh Kebab. If you are not interested in Kebab, Khoresh-e Khalal, the other famous food of Kermanshah, would be a good choice.

That’s a pity to leave Kermanshah without visiting Tekye Moaven-al-Molk and Tekye Biglarbeigi.

Day 2

After leaving Kermanshah, follow the signs of Eslam Abad-e Gharb, Kerend-e Gharb and Sar Pol-e Zahab on the road. After 2 hours driving you will reach to 3-ways junction of Rijab. One of the relics of Sassanid era is located next to the road which is called Taq-e Gara.

If you have enough time, experience being in foothills of Dalahu Mountain. Rijab road reaches you to the heart of Dalahu Mountain. The frequency of springs in Dalahu is unique. Rijab waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls of Iran. There are many attractions in this region; Abdelah Ben Omar Mosque, one of the first mosques of Iran, Banzardeh, Abu-Dajanneh Cemetery, Babayadegar Holy Shrine and Yazdgerd III Fortress.

It’s better to stay a night in Dalahu and enjoy the fresh air of mountain.

Day 3

Route to Sarpol-e Zahab, there is a tower of silence on your way which is called Dokan Davood. There is also a strange monument beside the Halvan River, Anubanini rock relief. This is the oldest rock relief of Iran and is located on the road to Piran Village. Piran Village is in downstream of Rijab waterfall.

Now you ought to drive about 40 minutes in order to reach Ghasr-e Shirin, here is so close to the borderline. Ghasr-e Shirin is the warmest climate of Kermanshah Province. There are some famous attractions to visit; Shirin Palace, Chahartaqi, Sassanid Irrigation System and a Safavid caravanserai.

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