Farhad Mountain to Shirin Castle
From Bistun to Ghasr-e Shirin

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

1st Day

The route will start from Bistun. The famous Bistun where embrace an inscription related to Achaemenid Empire as a memorial, describing the triumph of the Great Darius over magus Gaumata. The importance of this art work is so far as it was inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage in 2006. In addition to this inscription, Goudarz bass-relief, Blaash bass-relief and Mehrdad II bas-Relief are among other valuable attractions of Bistun.

Leave Bistun for Islamabad-e Gharb and Sarpol-e Zahab; two cities highly damaged during the recent earthquake. However, you still can refer to attractions like Sarab Sharaf Abad and Tepe Ghogha Gavane. If you spend your night in Islamabad-e Gharb, you can visit the Sarpol-e Zahab attractions and its beautiful nature after sunrise.

آبشار پیران- سرپل زهاب


2nd Day

Sarpol-e Zahab has many ancient monuments and historic inscriptions among which the Rock Relief of Anubanini, the Lullubi King, can be mentioned with its 1000-year history at the heart of mountain. You can spend your second night in this city and go for Ghasr-e Shirin tomorrow morning.   

گور دخمه دکل داوود


3rd Day

Ghasr-e Shirin is famous for its high palm trees and agricultural products. Being located along the border of Iran and Iraq, Ghasr-e Shirin embraces many important monuments you should see during your visit including Ban or Khosrow Castle, Shah Abbasi Caravansary, Shah Godar Creek and Javanmir Castle.


نخلستانهای قصر شیرین


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