Qeysar Aminpour (Khuzestan)

Qeysar Aminpour (Khuzestan)

Qeysar Aminpour is one of the most influential poets of the post-Iranian Revolution period. He has written poems about Iran-Iraq War, as well as poems in classic and modern style. Some believe that he shifted from poems about the war to poems about love, and others know him to be the greatest poet of Iranian Revolution.

This is how he introduces himself “I, Qeysar Aminpour, was born in 2 Ordibehesht 1338 SH in Gotvand, somewhere between Dezful and Shushtar in the province of Khuzestan that now has turned into a city, but was a district back then. Before entering school, we were sent to Maktab (a type of traditional school for elementary education). Two years were past to be educated about alphabets, holy Quran and such lessons. When I was seven, I entered elementary school in Gotvand. I passed junior and high school in Dezful. In 1357 SH, the year of Iranian Revolution, I was accepted in major of Veterinary Medicine of University of Tehran.” After a few years of studying, he quitted and entered Social Sciences, which he left unfinished, too.

Finally he entered Literature Faculty in 1363 SH. Parallel to his studying, he began teaching in 1367 SH. He was accepted as a PhD student in Farsi Literature and began teaching in the same university. He defended his doctorate titled Tradition and Modernism in Contemporary Poetry under the guidance of Shafiei Kadkani.

Qeysar Aminpour founded the magazine Soroush-e Nojavan in 1366 SH with collaboration of Biuk Maleki and Amuzadeh Khalili. The magazine was published until 1383 SH with him as its editor in chief. Soroush-e Nojavan was considered as one of few magazines for the teenagers. Aminpour played a major role in the education of teenage and young poets by providing guidance through the magazine. After years of activities in the field of literature and culture, and many honorable contributions, Qeysar Aminpour passed away in early morning of 8 Aban 1386 SH, after eight years of suffering from the injuries of an accident he had in 1378 SH. One is reminded of his passing away in this poem by him, saying:

“Our words still remain untold:

Once we hasten to start

It is the moment to depart!

It is again the same account

Before you are informed

It will be your fated moment to depart

Oh you…!

The constant grief and regret

How soon all of a sudden

It becomes late!”


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