Majid Samii (Gilan)

Majid Samii (Gilan)

Majid Samii, a physician and neurosurgeon, was born on Khordad 29, 1316 SH (19 June 1937) in Tehran.  His family was originally from Gilan. He finished his high school education in the city of Rasht and then moved to Germany, where he graduated in Biology and Medicine from the University of Mainz. Later he specialized in neurosurgery. Majid Samii was able to become an Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and continued his profession as the deputy of neurosurgery department of Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in 1349 SH, when he was only 32. And then, in 1350 SH, he succeeded to receive the doctorate degree on Neurosurgery.

It was in the same year that he was proposed to become the professor and chief of neurosurgery department of Iran National University (now known as Shahid Beheshti University), but he refused to accept the position due to his scientific activities. Dr. Samii accepted the position of chief of neurosurgery of Nordstat Hospital in Hanover, Germany in 1356 SH and held this position until 1382 SH. Dr. Samii is one of the pioneers of the field of intracranial microsurgery. He brilliantly realized the capacities of this field and accomplished international achievements related to Schwannoma (a type of benign tumor) surgery. In 1379 SH, Professor Samii founded the International Neuroscience Institute (INI) in Hanover and was chosen as its president. When he became retired from the chief of neurosurgery department and the Medical Science of Hanover University, he dedicated his time to further development of INI. By the efforts of Prf. Majid Samii, it was agreed to found the International Neuroscience Center of Iran in 1389 SH, and its construction began at the same year. This center includes a specialized hospital and a teaching and research foundation dedicated to neuroscience and is the third biggest structure of this kind. Prf. Samii is the editor in chief, an editor member and honorary editor of multiple numbers of medical magazines.

He has published seventeen books related to neurosurgery until today, and some of his scientific researches has been published in more than five hundred scientific articles.

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