Bushehr Province


Bushehr Province


Bushehr province (Persian: استان بوشهر, [Būshehr]) is located in the southwest of Iran on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Its center is Bushehr, the provincial capital. The province has both sandy and rocky beaches. Common water sports like boat riding, swimming and water skiing are very popular. Another entertaining activity is accompanying fishermen hunting oyster and corals.

There are also many stunning islands like Khārk, Khārkou, Sheif, Abbāsak, Nakhīlou, Om ol-Karam, Mattāf, Morghī and Tahmadou Cherāghī. 

Ethnic origin of Būshehr province consists of Arabs, Lurs and Behbahānīs. These people, however, have created a specific ethnic identity of their own. Although, almost all people speak a local dialect, Arabic language is also spoken in Kangān harbor and islands of Asalūye and Shiel.

Unique local dances are common in the province, similar in style to African and Arabian dances. These include Zarīf, Kūrayī and Latīfī dances. Local people also hold special ceremonies which are specific to the region.

Holy Jesus Christ Church

This church is located in the city of Būshehr. Its windows are designed with colorful glasses, and reflect a mixture of Christian and Persian styles of architecture.

Khormūj Fire Temple

This temple is located close to the village of Khormūj in Dashti town region.

Galīn Castle

This castle is located in the town of Ahrom Tangestān. It was used in a battle of resistance against the British Army—at a time when they were trying to capture the Iranian town of Ahrom Tangestān. The structure is seen as a memorial of brave defense against foreign forces.

Helleh Protected Zone 

Helleh Protected Zone is a nature reserve located between the two rivers of Shāpūr and Dālakī. The area is a natural habitat for migrating birds.

Palace of Cyrus the Great 

This palace is located southeast of the town of Borāzjān on the banks of Khoshk River (Ardi River). Considering the style of architecture, the archaeologists believe this palace dates back to the time of the Achaemenid dynasty (550-330). The palace proves the importance of Borāzjān during the Achaemenid era.

Siraf Port

Siraf city is located in the southeast of Būshehr city. It contains three important docks; they are called Taheri, Kangān and Dair. Based on historical documents and archeological findings, Sīrāf port was one of the most important ports of the Sassanid era (224-651). It was also the key economic and political port of the Persian Gulf until the early centuries of the Islamic period. It was an important connecting port linking Iran to China, Iraq, India and Africa. Due to its strategic position, it was also used by ancient Elamite kings. 


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