How to Use Metro in Tehran

How to Use Metro in Tehran

Tehran Metro is expanding very quickly and has already transformed the way the city moves. Metro and its quick access to different corners of the city has cut journey times by up to an hour. It has also connected Tehran to Karaj and this cross-town trip has saved all commuters of these two cities a lot of time and money.

Five lines criss-cross the entire city and 1000 train carriages carry more than 3 million travelers across the city per day. The fast-expanding metro system in Tehran is well maintained and quite affordable. Peak hours, like everywhere else in the world, is more crowded and subsequently, the services are more frequent. Peak hours may be similar to a Tokyo-style squeeze; however, it carries a heavy load of traffic and saves travelers a lot of time.

When traveling on Tehran Metro, bear in mind that the first and the last carriages are specifically for women. Though, women are free to travel in the rest of carriages.

With 107 stations across the capital city, Tehran Metro has covered the city very well.

How to Buy Metro Tickets

Tehran Metro tickets are available for single trip journey, or two journeys. Obviously, day tickets and multi-day tickets are discounted and logically the longer the ticket is for, the cheaper the tickets. 

The first train starts its journey at about 6 am and the last train leaves by 11 pm. Since the majority of the travelers are Iranian and Persian speaker, the announcements are in Persian only. It is recommended that travelers keep an eye on the English maps in carriages.

Metro saves Tehran countless millions of litter of fuel; helps people to avoid serious air pollution and related health costs; and it saves passengers a lot of money on their journeys in congestion zone.

Tehran Metro app is available on both Android and iOS

Go Digital

If you intend to use public transport frequently, the municipality released an application on both Android and iOS for travelers to plan their journey by public transport, check bus and metro arrivals, congestion zones, gas stations, hospitals and many more features.

Users pin the beginning and ending point of their journey; the application suggests the best routes between stations and stops, places of interest, addresses. The Android version of Tehran Metro is available for free download from Google Play. It is also available to download for iOS..

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