Kufteh Tabrizi


Eating habits in East Azerbaijan show the culture, attitude and the people’s income level in the northwest region of Iran. Kufteh Tabrizi is one of the most famous local and traditional foods in Tabriz. Kufteh Tabrizi is well-known and highly popular not only in Azerbaijan province, but also in all around of Iran for its taste, smell, food properties and cooking method. In fact, Kufteh is a food with different cooking methods in Iran and Middle East. Kufteh is cooked in most of Iranian families with slightly different methods and ingredients. This food is an expensive, delicious and heavy cuisine including minced meat, rice, split peas, walnuts, egg, onion, different types of aromatic vegetables (coriander, tarragon, parsley, mint and dill), oil, salt, pepper, turmeric, tomato paste and saffron as the spice. The meat of Kufteh was traditionally smashed in a stone mortar by a wooden pestle which has been today replaced by minced meat because the traditional process was extremely difficult. The ingredients of Kufteh are prepared as a round mixture (usually as large as a fist) with a boiled egg, walnuts or dried plum at the center which is decorated by fried onion and barberry. Kufteh Tabrizi is served with Sangak bread, vegetables, yogurt and some local spices creating a delicious taste.

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