Havari Meygoo


Havari Meygoo (Persian: هواری میگو, [havāri-e meygū]) is one of the traditional, delicious and nourishing Iranian foods. One of the provinces where Havari Meygoo cooked is Hormozgan province, which has its unique style in cooking this food. Havari types include lamb, fish, shrimp, chicken with grains and vegetables, boiled in the same cooking dish, and rice not drained. This very nutritious and healthy food is cooked in all the cities of Hormozgan province in an original recipe. Spices are the main ingredient of this superb food which is made in religious ceremonies and celebrations. It is usually cooked for lunch and is served with different types of Torshi (a kind of pickles), condiments, and sauces.

Sauté chopped or grated onion in oil. When the onion is soft enough to squish easily, add the chopped garlic and let it turn golden brown. Then add chopped coriander and dill. After frying a little, put on turmeric, red pepper, and chopped green pepper. Add the shrimp to the ingredients. Notes:  After cleaning and washing the shrimp, it is better to sprinkle a little turmeric, lemon juice, and salt to modify the smell. After adding the shrimp, fry it for about 5 minutes. Then add dill, grated tomato, chopped potato, and lemon, and put the lid on the pot for a few minutes until the tomato is cooked. You can also pour a little tomato paste and water. When the water boils, add the rice and lentil and a little oil. When the rice water is decreased, reduce the heat and let it boil. Bean and mung bean are also used in the Hormozgan province. Havari Meygoo is enriched in phosphorus due to having shrimp and lentils with iron make this food a completely health-giving property.

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